Last Sunday, Dan, our parish pastor, blessed me with these words:

Loving God, we are all pilgrims, seeking to appreciate the quiet immensity of your presence.  

We pray in a special way for our brother, Tom, as he undertakes this pilgrimage to and through Spain.

Watch over him; guide his steps; and help him to awaken each day to the beauty of your creation and the inner dignity that we all carry within.

May he remain open to the generous graces you offer him through nature, through the people he meets, through the quiet conversations he has each day with you.

May he never feel alone but always experience the prayerful company of his family, his friends and his Bellarmine community.

May you go forth with the blessing of our God.

On Monday, my fellow Vincentians also gave me a blessing for my pilgrimage.  With all these prayers and those of so many others, I leave on Saturday to start the walking portion of my pilgrimage on Monday with confidence and hope.  Thank you all and God bless you.

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3 Responses to Blessing

  1. Krista Powers says:

    And, we all stretch our hands in prayer love of your journey. May you be held in the palm of God’s hand and be blessed every step of the way. Thank you, kind traveler…for being a witness of love and goodness. We are with you in spirit! Traveling mercies, my friend! – Krista Powers


  2. Fred Sansone says:

    Go and Grow – do not stop!
    Xavier is behind you Tom, I am posting information about your journey on our bulletin board in my area. I will watch for your updates. I know you will grow from your journey. So as you grow in mind, body and spirit I hope to do so – you grow, I grow, we grow and the world grows. Therefore, your journey has significance for all of us. Webster defines “grow” as “to spring up and develop to maturity”. Thanks for permitting us to grow through your sharing. But let’s not stop at maturity…..let’s keep growing – Fred Sansone


  3. Carol Witsken says:

    Tom: Sorry we missed this blessing, but know that we will be thinking and praying for you daily!



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