The path awaits

The road over my shoulder is where I start in the morning.  I arrived in St. Jean Pied de Port this Sunday afternoon and am really excited to get going.  I hope I get a reasonable night’s sleep tonight in spite of my excitement.  Most of the people in SJPdP seem to have trekking poles and backpacks.


I talked with a woman and her son on the airplane, this is her second time to walk the Camino.  I asked he why she did it the first time and she said that she and her husband had vacationed in Santigo de Compestelle and noticed that all the arriving Pilgrims had a look of calm and peace.  I hope I come away from this journey with that feeling.

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9 Responses to The path awaits

  1. Lisa Woodall says:

    Good luck as you begin tomorrow, Tom … I been thinking about how much my mom enjoyed walking her last several years, and how she would probably enjoyed making a journey like yours. All the best … Jim and Lisa



  2. Kathy says:

    Looks exciting! Rest up. Big day ahead tomorrow!


  3. rick says:

    Best of luck on the journey my friend … we’ll be anxious to hear about the first day’s 15 mile trek. Stay safe (and filled with calm and peace!)


  4. Carol Witsken says:

    We will be thinking of you as you start your journey tomorrow. Take care, enjoy and know that our prayers are with you daily.


  5. Debbie Dorr says:

    Best Wishes to you, Tom.


  6. Hi Tom, I fully admit to the same buzz that you write about. I felt it last year as we set out and I feel it now through your words. Tingly! The “word on the street” is that if you survive the first day, the rest is a “cake walk.” Don’t believe it. Everyday had its challenges and BLESSINGS. We are with you, too.


  7. Christy Wissemeier says:

    Can’t wait to hear how it went today – thinking and praying for you!


  8. Layne says:

    Thinking of you as you begin this incredible journey! Looking forward to seeing your adventures! Best of luck – enjoy!


  9. Hi Tom, your adventure is the first thing I look for when I get home from work. Praying your journey is all you hope it will be.


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