A slower day

May 16, 2015

Today everything went a little slower.  I slept a little longer and took time to see some of the key points of Puente la Reina – a little town of about 2,500 people. There is a nice statue to honor the pilgrims and a bridge build to support the safe movement of midieval pilgrims.  On the way out of town I passed a tiny, very old church that was having Mass so I stopped in.  They were just about to get the to communion part so I got to go.  There were 7 nuns and 4 others at Mass including me.

There was a hill to climb but since all the towns are by rivers and there are hills that drain to make the rivers, every morning is greeted with a hill.  This one wasn’t too bad and I had a great time to enjoy the scenary.  I walked with a nice lady named Jan from Iowa for a mile or two.  She took a couple of the pictures below for me.  It turns out that her husband died of Alzheimer’s last September at age 74. She was walking for him.  Of course I told her about our family and my blog.  I hope she looks it up.  She had a sore foot that was slowing her down so I moved along.

The grape vines are really filling out with leaves and I came across a really cool olive tree.  The trunk must have been 3 feet across.  What character!  Just imagine how many cold winters and hot summers this tree survived and gave fruit.  I’d like to think that when it is finally cut down, a craftsman with use the wood to make bowls that serve food for families for many more generations.  What a legacy that tree would have.

There are various places to stop for refreshments or coffee along the Way.  It’s always striking to see all the packs lined up while the pilgrims take a break to refresh.

I arrived in Estella this afternoon but took the opportunity to see San Pedro de la Rua, built in the 12th centry I think.  Really cool entrance.  Sorry about the hair – it was a little brezzy at the time.

Tomorrow’s weather looks very good so “Thank You” to those responsible for asking God for good weather for my adventure.

Keep me in you prayers.  Know that you are in mine.


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3 Responses to A slower day

  1. Kathy says:

    Looks like good scenery. Glad the weather is improving.


  2. Ed says:

    Tom, Jude and I a really enjoying the travelogue. Nice job and Happy Trails To You.

    Jude and Ed


  3. You are in the flow — starting to notice patterns.. How is the food suiting you? Have you found any favourites? Prayers continue with you.


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