Beautiful People

May 22, 2015

Today’s walk from Santo Domingo to the little village of Belorado was just a short 14.2 miles.  I did get to pass through 4 little villages – really just a collection of about a few dozen buildings and a church on Calle Mayor (Main Street).  The Camino always goes down c/Mayor and there is always a church there.  The weather was very good starting out in the 40s but then warming and even some sun.  I was able to shed a coat and hat at about 10:00.  Today also marked the transition from Le Rioja to Castilla y Leon.  (I understand that there is an grade school class following my blog so they now have an assignment to find La Rioja and Castilla y Leon on the map and report on the major crops grown in each.)  I’m hoping that since Rioja is one of the most famous wine regions in Spain that they ship some to surrounding provinces!  I arrived in Belorado at 1:00 PM so a pretty short day of walking.

Today’s walk was highlighted by beautiful fields and even more beautiful people.  Sometimes I feel like I’m in the March of the Penguins as the pilgrims start out each morning and dot the path for as far as the eye can see.  I walked for a mile or two with Steve, Tom and Michelle (and two others with more difficult names) from Australia, some nice people from Germany, and a most delightful couple from South Korea.  (Picture below.)  He is 72 years old and she is 66.  They were so full of energy enjoying the Camino. They took a picture for me too!  There was one man with a “trailer” with whom I leap-frogged several times today.  And I got to spend a little more time with Chris and Jade today as well.  They are the delightful couple from Austrialia too.  Chris likes his version of “trail mix” which is a variety of candy!

I have been truly blessed with good health so far on this pilgrimage.  DON’T STOP PRAYING!  My feet are definitely doing better than most and my legs have a little stiffness in the morning but generally still feel really good – well as good as you’d expect after walking nearly 150 miles!  I know it’s strange, but I really like walking up hill, especially if the slope is gentle like maybe 5% or so.  The long strides feel good and just seem to energize me when I‘ve been on the trail for a few hours.

My 90 year old Aunt Ruth passed away earlier this week and was buried this morning.  Sorry I couldn’t be there for the funeral.  May her soul rest in peace.

Buen Camino! everyone and mucho gracias for reading my blog and your supportive comments.  Much appreciated.


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4 Responses to Beautiful People

  1. Krista Powers says:

    May Aunt Ruth’s spirit be with you….
    – Krista


  2. Rick says:

    Glad to hear your feet are holding up well. They were beautiful in your previous post! And you are right, up hill is good! Sorry that your Aunt Ruth passed. I hope it was peaceful.


  3. Chris J says:

    Tom, we are certainly enjoying your blog. We look forward to checking it every day. Looks like all is going so well for you. You are in our prayers Bob and Chris


  4. You are truly “in the flow” and enjoying the blessings of walking the Camino — blessings that are hard to communicate in words. Buen Camino


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