June 5, 2015

Today’s walk was far from inspitational but I did make progress.  After leaving the charm, grace, excitement and history of the walled part of Leon, I passed through a mostly commercial/industrial area for at least 5 or 6 miles.  The path of the Camino then followed near a moderately busy road, the noise from which obfuscated any chance for introspection.  But then some days are just about heads down progress. I did pass the Leon museum and got a picture and when I entered the town of San Miguel (they even named the town after a popular Spanish beer 🙂 ) I got a picture of another group of storks in their nests.

20150605_075454 20150605_095629

After a rather nasty thunder storm last evening, the skys cleared somewhat and the temperatures were good for walking today.  I’m glad it stormed while I was in an evening Pilgrim’s Mass – I would not have wanted to be outside during the lightning.

And since I titled this post “Progress”, here’s the update.  My Camino is broken into 34 walking days and I’ve now completed 22 of those with a mere 12 to go.  I have only about 173 miles to go until I get to Santiago.  Sounds pretty easy given that about 327 miles are behind me.  I do have some more mountains in front of me and that means that the scenery will be more interesting.  The highest point on the Camino Frances is coming up for me in three days.  The altitude will be 5,000 feet. I am currently at about 3,000 feet.  But I’m getting ahead of my self.  As I should have learned by now on the Camino, one day at a time and be present in the present. It’s the only thing that is real.

Keep the prayers coming and I’ll do the same.  Promise!


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