June 14, 2015, Portomarin

This morning I passed the “official” 100 Km marker.  In this stretch there are markers every ½ Km so your really see your progress.  I pass one about every 5 to 10 minutes.  The path today was through mostly woods of oak and chestnut.  There is one rather old tree that provided a photo opportunity.  When I got to the top of one of the hills I did get a good view of the morning mist in the valley.20150614_100208 20150614_083916 20150614_081825

It’s nice that there are so many people that can use a camera phone!

The feel of the Camino changed today.  Many, many pilgrims join the Camino in Sarria.  There are groups being dropped off in busses and there is a bit of a party atmosphere among groups of 6 to 10 people.  There are many rest stops and they are all crowed with pilgrims.  Previously, it was rare to see pilgrims grouped like that.  Fortunately there are still moments of quiet conversation which is more the way I like the Comino.  I am trying to make sure that I don’t get the mood of the workers in the vineyard who worked all day and got the same pay as those that only worked the last few hours.  Rather, I need to make sure I welcome the new pilgrims to the Camino.  I did that a few times today and in all cases I was treated as the “Camino Expert” (even though I’m not) so I felt good.  Most get looks of astonishment when they asked where I started and I tell them.  I did talk with a group of Germans who said that they take a week every year to do the last 100 Km of the Camino.  That is certainly a commendable way to be a pilgrim.

Here’s a picture of Portomarin.  What a nice way to end my day of walking!


Four more walking days.  Only about 90 Km to go.  I’m ready for it to be over and excited for the end.

By the way, the weather has been perfect for walking.  Keep it up you weather prayers!

Buen Camino!


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5 Responses to Monumental

  1. Jeff Zimmerman says:

    Checking your daily posts has my ritual for the past month, even from Greece where I was on pilgrimage for the past 2 weeks. Thanks so much for sharing your Camino with us. I’m sure emotions will be high when you get to Santiago. I was one of those “Sarria” pilgrims 2 years ago and I still reflect on arriving at the Cathedral, “hugging” the statue of St. James over the altar, praying at the tomb of St. James in thanksgiving and attending the Pilgrims Mass. Savor every moment of it, you’ve earned it.

    Look forward to connecting with you when you return. I’m in the planning stages for my Camino and would love to talk to an expert.



  2. For the last 100 it is easy to distinguish the “tourists” from the “pilgrims” — both are on a journey.


  3. Tom says:

    Thanks for that Jim. The pilgrims all walk with a little bit of a limp and bandages are visible when we wear sandals at the end of the day. Maybe the “tourist” will in a few days too!


  4. marychurlburt says:

    Tom, can’t wait to hear your stories but I don’t think we’ll be at church Sunday – so please save the best for the following week! I predict great weather for the remaining four days. Mary


  5. Lisa Woodall says:

    Tom, it has been great to travel the Camino along with you — I have gotten used to ending my day by reading your updates, and I almost want to say I wish it wouldn’t end, but I know you are anxious to finish and come home. Thanks for sharing this extraordinary experience … I hope it has been everything you had hoped it would be and more!


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