Bonus Days!

Today started Bonus Days.  I left Santiago at about 8:30 this morning and continued to head West on my way to the End of the Earth — Finisterre – and the Atlantic Ocean.  It’s literally where the Western world thought the world ended until Columbus proved them wrong.  The total walk is 89 km or about 55 miles from Santiago.  Today I covered the first 14 miles.  Plan to arrive there in three more days

The walk today was mostly through woods on natural paths.  The number of pilgrims doing this journey is greatly reduced.  I think I saw fewer than a couple dozen all day whereas the crowd into Santiago yesterday numbered in the hundreds or more plus tourists.  Yesterday, I waited two hours in line to get my Compostella and there were nine stations writing the precious document for all the anxious peregrinos.

Today was a great day, walking through the morning mist, to think about the many blessings I’ve received over the last month, mostly, the support of a very loving wife and family and friends to put up with me traipsing across northern Spain.  Today I had the opportunity to again be grateful for my newfound Camino awareness. With all the emotions of yesterday and a cluttered mind, I easily could have missed what an amazing blessing this is.

Bien Camino!



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  1. marychurlburt says:

    Tom, your sharing your journey is a blessing for us,


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