Training Starts TODAY

My adventure on the Comino de Santiago starts twelve weeks from TODAY.  That means that training starts TODAY.  Thanks to, I am able to draw from others that have made the pilgrimage to develop a 12 week training program for me.  This week consists of some one hour walks on the treadmill (since the weather is bleak).  Mainly I want to break in my new shoes and discover how I react to walking and to my equipment.

People ask why I’m doing the Camino.  Quite frankly, I’m still developing the answer to that. There are many reasons and I may not know the primary one ’til it’s over!

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1 Response to Training Starts TODAY

  1. Krista Powers says:

    Here’s to the 12 weeks of training ahead. I’m so very excited to hear about your journey every step of the way, Tom! All of us here at the Alzheimer’s Association are behind you and sending prayers of strength and gratitude!


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