Second week of training

Completed the 2nd week of training.  Week 1 included almost 6 hours on the treadmill for a total of 21 miles – about half of which was done while wearing a 9 lb. backpack.  Week 2 was a little more distance and time, about 6 1/2 hours and over 22 miles, all with the backpack.  I also got in a few yoga classes!  My treadmill is set at 6.5% incline to help prepare me for one of my biggest physical worries.  The first day from St. Jean to Roncesvalles is 15.6 miles but it’s also an ascent of 4,500 feet.  Got to be ready to walk up hill!

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3 Responses to Second week of training

  1. Layne says:

    Keep up the great work, Tom! I hope all is well and look forward to continuing keeping up with your journey! #ENDALZ


  2. Good luck with your training and the walk! I know you will “give it your all”! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Ken Witsken says:

    Looking forward to following the rest of the Journey.


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