My Walk to Remember starts in a month!

I’m scheduled to arrive in St. Jean Pied on May 10th and start out to Santiago on May 11th. I’ve confirmed the details of the route and am really looking forward to the adventure.  The first night in Spain I will be staying in a town with a population of 30.  Many of the towns in which I plan to stay have fewer than 1,000 residents.   I will go through several towns each day but there are a few stretches where there are no towns and no houses all day. Great time to think!

I'll probably look like one of these people!

There are may routes to Santiago.  I’m taking what is known as Camino Frances.  One of the tabs at the top of the page and a buttons along the side of this blog shows the route I’ll be taking.   Keep me in your prayers.  You’ll be in mine.

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2 Responses to My Walk to Remember starts in a month!

  1. Jeff Zimmerman says:

    Met you on your training walk at Miami Whitewater Forest yesterday. Thanks for the tips, you got me inspired to start planning my Camino. I’ll be following your blog. Buen Camino



    • Tom says:


      Nice meeting you too. I hope you get a chance to make the Walk. The company I used for accommodation is “Follow the Camino”. Check back with me in late June or July and I’ll let you know how they did.


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