In just 3 weeks it starts!

Hard to believe that this adventure is starting so soon.  I’ve been training for 9 weeks and I think it’s paying off.  There was a bit of a transformation this week.  I’m walking 8 miles a day with my backpack almost every day.  This week I noticed that the last mile was actually easier than the first.  Yea!  And I discovered that listening to my footsteps was every bit as engaging as listening to the “Four Seasons” on my iPod.  There certainly seems to be a calming solace in hearing your left foot follow your right and then your right follow your left.  I did calculate that the total adventure will be about 1 Million steps — 500K on my left foot and 500K on my right.  Doesn’t sound too bad that way!

Clicking on the “Why the Way” tap will show you my route.  Keep me in your prayers.  You’ll be in mine.

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