In two weeks . . .

Final preparations are proceeding as planned.  I walked 16 miles today to see what that feels like.  That will be a typical day on the Camino.  Have a little soreness but nothing from which I won’t recover with a little Tempranillo wine.  I have discovered that rain and cold are no big deal on the trail.  But wind is another matter.  I am most sore and tired if the winds are 15 MPH or more when I’m walking.  Pray for calm or gentle breezes in May and June in Northern Spain.

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3 Responses to In two weeks . . .

  1. rick says:

    Praying for 12 mph winds max !!


  2. Jeff Zimmerman says:

    It can get hot in Northern Spain, even in June. When I was there 2 years ago, mid-June, it was 95 degrees, but very low humidity, kind of like Arizona that time of year. Add high winds and you can really get dehydrated easily. I did, and I wasn’t even walking 15 miles a day.

    I’d like to check back in with you in July and pick your brain on the whole experience. I’m trying to see if I can make October of this year work for my Camino. If not, then this time next year. I’m interested in the logistics of getting to St Jean from Cinci and home again from Santiago, and how the whole FTC accommodations worked out.


  3. Krista Powers says:

    Glad to know what prayers you’re specifically requesting, Tom. You can count on many….I continue to be touched by your journey! Thanks for these updates! – Krista


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