Day of Rest/Tourism

So today, Thursday was a day of rest.  Got to sleep in and have a leisurely breakfast.  Then got my Peregrino Passport stamped at the Cathedral of Santa Maria la Real.  I went to Noon mass at Saint Saturnin and then walked the path of the Running of the Bulls.

The picture below is the Pamplona town hall.  The bulls come up the street to the left of the building.


⬇  The picture on the left below is of a typical Pamplona street and actually one of the streets that is on the Camino.  If you look close you’ll see pilgrims with the scalloped shell walking.  I’ll be on this road again in the morning.  The one on the right is the best shot of the front of the Cathedral Santa Maria le Real.

20150514_123214                             20150514_115023

Tomorrow looks like rain, cooler temperatures and a walk of about 15.5 miles. There’s a big hill that has the sculpture that I have at the top of my blog.  Maybe the next time you see that picture, I’ll be in it.

Please keep me in your prayers and know that you are in mine.

Buen Camino,


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2 Responses to Day of Rest/Tourism

  1. Dan says:

    All looks amazing, Dad.
    Good luck on that hill tomorrow and hope the rain isn’t too bad.
    Love you!


  2. marychurlburt says:

    Hi Tom, I didn’t realize that a day of rest was part of the walk. So glad you had the day to rest and that you took time to enjoy the scenery. I’m really enjoying the pictures. Still praying for you. Mary


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