More on Pamplona

I don’t think I did Pamplona justice.  It’s really a pretty cool place.  The old wall part is where I stayed and explored and it’s surrounded by a very modern, urban area.  The tapas bars were really great on both Calle San Nicolas and Estefeta. Estefeta is real seedy during the day — tattoo parlors and the like — but it turns out that’s where the local go to the tapas bars and the price is about half and every bit as good as St. Nicholas.  The picture that obviously isn’t a tapas bar is the sanctuary at the Cathedral of Santa Maria la Real.  It is really beautiful.

20150513_205209-1  20150514_201711-1  20150514_112900    IMG_0637

I made it to Puenta la Reina this afternoon.  I’ll post about that walk soon.

Thanks for following along on this great adventure.

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4 Responses to More on Pamplona

  1. Becky Soto says:

    Amazing! I was in Pamplona ten years ago for the Running of the Bulls. It’s nice to see pics of it when it’s not so crowded and crazy. Buen camino, Tom!


  2. Sally Coomes says:

    Thanks so much for taking all of us along with you on this journey. The blog is terrific. Thanks so much for staying in touch.


  3. Barb says:

    Will you be coming home with a tat or just sore feet?


  4. Tom says:

    You’ll never know.


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