Not as much fun!

May 27, 2015

The Meseta lived up to its reputation today.  I have to say that walking the Camino was not as much fun today.  The temperatures were fine – 50s and 60s – and there was a strong wind but it was from the East meaning it was at my back pushing me along.  There was nothing but a few pilgrims for the first two hours of the walk as these pictures show.  A monument, a pile of rock with a cross, and an ocassional field of flowers among the fields of grain, were the only diversions.

20150527_092339    20150527_094411-1 20150527_095144    20150527_102218

I went through a little town where I took a short break before continuing on.  The landscape got a little more rugged and narrow as the sun came out but interesting scenery was certainly lacking.  Finally I came across the ruins of San Anton built in the 1300s.  There is an albergue there but it doesn’t even have electricity.


Finally, after only 12 ½ miles but what seemed like 25, I arrived in Castrojeriz.  It’s in the lower left of the picture below the hill with ruins on top.  The population is 600 and the main occupation is siesta.  They do have an awesome church and museum called Our Lady of the Apple.  Interesting name.  As I’ve seen before, the church and especially the alter is Gothic.  I took a picture of a song book on display.  Do you remember Gregorian Chant?

20150527_120012   20150527_123356 20150527_123539

Finding my hotel was a challenge.  Here’s a picture of the street and the hotel sign. Look close!


The day was much more mentally fatiguing than physically so I found it difficult to make any progress on my questions lingering from yesterday.  I have some thoughts but they are certainly not breakthrough in nature.  Maybe like my walk today, there just wasn’t anything that really got me fired up.  Maybe that’s OK too. There may be a process of cleansing associated with a bit of boredom that will allow the mind to begin to fill the space with good ideas.  Let’s hope some of that happens tomorrow.  I did get a chance to pray in the traditional manor for a while so that was a good thing.

Keep me in your prayers.  You were in mine today.


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8 Responses to Not as much fun!

  1. Barry says:

    I do remember Gregorian Chant with great fondness. I still have some saved on my phone for quiet times in the car.


  2. Kathy says:

    Well I guess you had to come along some boring terrain sooner or later. Kind of like driving to Columbus north of Kings Island. Just not much to see. How do you make a living doing siestas all day?


  3. lois says:

    Tom, I read an article not too long ago that pointed out that boredom can open the mind to some pretty creative thoughts. Loved the pictures posted earlier from Rudi they were beautiful. Hang in there and keep up the good work!


  4. Jean Kennevan says:

    I do very much singing Gregorian chant and like, Barry, we listen to it from time to time. I like its simplicity. Boredom is a kind of space to just be instead of being busy and that is hard to do. I find more of that in my life since I’ve retired!


  5. Tony says:

    Did you say Gregorian chant?
    I even know what a dotted punctum is…and that’s from a non singer!
    Enjoy all of it including the chant!


  6. marychurlburt says:

    Well, gee Tom, everyone else has something profound to say and I don’t. Hope you find what you’re looking for. And I’ll keep praying that you do. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying your posts and the pictures. Take care, Mary


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