Bonus Post

When I left Saint Jean Pied-de-Port, France on May 11th, I walked with Rudi for a while.  Rudi started his Camino in Germany two years ago and had walked 1,600 miles through Germany, Switzerland and France before resuming this year at Saint Jean.  Rudi had to go back to work so his just stopped a few days ago in Burgos.  When he got back home, he sent me some pictures that I just had to share with you.  These are from the climb through the Pyrenees which I did on May 11th.

20150511_093100 20150511_080337 20150511_072605 20150513_114425

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3 Responses to Bonus Post

  1. Krista Powers says:

    Just breath taking. You were very present to me during Sunday liturgy (7pm) at Bellarmine this past week….sending love and goodness your way! – Krista


  2. Diann says:

    When you get home you will need to dedicate a whole wall to display these beautiful photos and incredible memories on!
    I look forward to your blog every day. I send my support with this message.


  3. etschiavi says:

    Great photos!!


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