Easy day on the Camino

May 29, 2015

Today was a very easy, relaxing day on the Camino.  The weather was perfect, about 70 degrees most of the day with a little breeze and lots of sun.  I had some wonderful conversations with some young people from the US so even the language was easy 🙂  I did stop in a little town that is home to the magnificent Templar church of Santa Maria la Virgen Blanca.  This is actually a national monument in Spain.  Outside of the church was a notable little statue where my young friends took my picture.  Every pilgrim seems to want their picture taken there.  They were lined up when I finished.

20130103_053456 20130103_042655 20130103_042411 20130103_041402

Tonight I am staying in the Real Monasterio de San Zoilo.  This place is actually an 11th century Romanesque monastery that’s been converted to a hotel.  I’ve been told that the Spanish government took some of their old buildings and converted them into hotels to attract tourist.  There are a number of non-pilgrims here from my first impressions.

Like I said, today was easy and comfortable so I just relaxed and took it all in with little thought.  Kind of nice!  By the way, my Fitbit now says that I’ve taken just over 518 thousand steps so far and I’m not quite half way to Santiago so I’m pretty sure I’ll get to 1 million steps for the whole Camimo.  217 miles behind me and 255 miles to go.  Yea!

Keep me in your prayers and know that you are in mine.


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2 Responses to Easy day on the Camino

  1. Layne says:

    Love following your journey, Tom!


  2. Julie says:

    Seems surreal to think you’ve walked that far! Glad it was an easy day. You need at least one of those to be able to appreciate the tougher ones. A little sunshine with the rain.


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