May 30, 2015

Before I get into today’s travels, I need to mention last evening.  While in the town of Carrion de los Condes, I went to Mass at 8:00 at Santa Maria del Camino which turned out to be a pilgrim’s Mass.  There were about 150 people in the church which seemed like a lot to me given that it was a Friday night.  After Mass, the priest said in both Spanish and English that he would like to invite the pilgrims to come to the alter for a blessing.  Well about half the church went to the front.  He wanted to know from where we all had come so he started naming countries and people raised their hands.  I would guess that there were about 20 countries represented amont the 75 or so people there.  Just amazing.  We then got a blessing from the priest and who I assume was the head nun.  They put their hands on each person’s head and said a prayer and then gave us a little star to help guide our way.  All the while the other nuns sang just beautifully.  It was really a pretty touching service and I feel even more equipped to take on the next part of this adventure.


So heading out of Carrion I soon found myself on a road that is know as Via Aquitana.  This road was built by the Romans so below the gravel are stones that have been there for over 2,000 years.  The raod was remarkedly straight and very flat.  It got me to thinking about the roads we all travel, whether new or really old, whether traveled frequently or infrequently.  There is a first time we each travel any particular road.  And even if we’ve traveled it before, each time is a little different from the previous.  I had the chance today to look around and notice the road, the surrounding fields, the infrequent but weclomed rest areas, and most importantly the others walking the same path.  We all have different reasons for being on the road we’re on today yet we were all walking at our own pace on the same path and in the same direction with the same end in mind.  Respect and caring for one another just seems so natural.


20150530_110232 20150530_110239

Today marks the half way point of my pilgrimage in terms of time. Tomarrow morning I will cross the half way point in terms of distance. And tomorrow night I will be in Sahagun which is celebrated as the half way town.  I just learned that I can get a “Half Way There” type of certificate so I wll be for sure looking into that tomorrow evening.  Sahagun is also where pilgrims who started their Camino in Madrid will be joining those of us who started in Saint Jean so the path will get a little more traffic.

And an electronic ‘high five’ to those praying for good weather for my trip. Today was in the seventy’s all day and the sky was clear.  Thanks.  Way to go!  ✋

Keep me in your prayers.  You are in mine.


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2 Responses to Roads

  1. lois says:

    Does look like a good road and glad the weather is nice. Must have been a very awe inspiring ceremony last night. You sure are getting to meet interesting people. Hard for me to believe you atr half way, but probably not to you. Safe journey!!


  2. Kathy says:

    What a wonderful blessing for the pilgrims and a very inspirational message about traveling the road. It will be interesting to see how many pilgrims meet up with the rest of you from St. Jean.


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