May 30, 2015

Last evening before I left the tiny hamlet of Calzadilla (Pop. 60), I got to spend some of my afternoon with some folks I’d met before and with some I met for the first time.  I then had dinner with some more recent friends.  Today, Sunday, I walked with some people I had never met.  This evening in Sahagun, I sat at a café in the main square and listened to the conversations – all in Spanish so I didn’t understand a word – all around me.  I learned within a day or two of starting the Camino that it’s so much more than a walk.  Today reinforced that.  The richness and depth of the conversations just seems to get better and better with each day. People seem to open up more easily and it takes fewer words to share meaning. The Camino isn’t a 500 mile walk across Spain.  It really is a pilgrimage, a walking retreat.  And there is no significance to the stone I have my hand on.  It was just there and several ‘new friends’ were taking pictures.

20150531_085005   20150531_093047 20150531_095629   20150531_110555

Speaking of walking, I did officially pass the half way point.  Actually I discovered that two columns through which I passed is the designated half way point between Roncesvalles (the first town in Spain on the Camino) and Santiago.  So since I started in Saint Jean, France. I’m more than half way in terms of distance.  Just past those columns is the city of Sahagun.  At the Monasterio de la Peregrina they issue the Carta Peregrina when you show your Pilgrim Passport proving that you’ve made it from the beginning.  I’m proud to now be able to say that I’m half way home!  Yea!

20150531_114210   20150531_134111 20150531_132711   20150531_135057

Again, thanks to those praying for my safety and good weather.  My feet and legs continue to hold up better than I hoped and today’s weather was perfect – about 70 degrees after 9:30 and beautiful blue skies with a little breeze.  Way to go!

Keep praying for me and I will for you,


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3 Responses to Conversations

  1. marychurlburt says:

    Tom, really enjoying the pictures and all your thoughts. Had brunch with Ken and Carol and she mentioned how she too looks forward to your daily posts. Wish I could take credit for the good weather, but even though I’ve been praying for good weather for you, it’s probably someone else that God is listening too in that category! Take care. We’re still praying for you. Mary


  2. Layne says:

    As always, enjoying following your journey, Tom. I’m grateful that you share so much of what you are doing. Very inspiring. Keeping you in prayer! Enjoy!


  3. Rudi says:

    Hallo Tom.
    Congratulations. You have more than half of the way. I wish you still much fun.

    Rudi / Germany

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