Hijack post

Hi everyone. This is Julie and I’m hijacking Dad’s blog for a minute. With Father’s Day just two days away, I wanted to come here and post how very proud his family is of him and what he has accomplished. I can’t think of two more inspirational people to us than our Mom and Dad.

Dad, I know you’re anxious to get home and see Mom. We took good care of her while you were gone. I know David and Michelle enjoyed some evenings and meals with her. And I’ll speak on behalf of Dan and Ethan, Nick and myself, and all the kiddos and say that we loved every minute that she was in Philly with us and our weekend in NYC.

So, congratulations again, Dad, on completing this amazing feat. From the bottom of my heart, and I know from the hearts of our enormous family, we thank you for all you’ve done to raise awareness as well as donations for the Alzheimer’s Association. I’m sure Grandma and Grandpa T., Aunt Marylyn, Uncle Jack, and Grandma and Grandpa V. were watching over you, guiding you, and smiling down upon you as you walked The Way.

Forty Days, Five Hundred Miles, and over One Million Steps….

On Top of The World

Click the link above for a my own little video montage of your journey. (Be patient, I don’t have a ton of bandwidth on my webhost and it takes a little while to load).  😉

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6 Responses to Hijack post

  1. Carol Witsken says:

    Thanks, Julie or “hacking” your dad’s website. It was beautiful and he will certainly enjoy it.


  2. Fred Sansone says:

    Thanks for a great tribute to your dad. This accomplishment is amazing. Anxious to chat with him upon his return


  3. Kathy says:

    Julie, what a beautiful video and tribute to dad! I love it! I know he will,too when he sees it. It’s perfect! Thank you. I am blessed to be surrounded by such a loving family.


  4. Hi Julie
    Loved the video tribute of your Dad, he will be well “chuffed” with your effort.
    Well done,


  5. David says:

    Absolutely beautiful Jules! And what a perfect song. It’s almost as if it were written just for Dad’s journey!


  6. lois says:

    Since we are traveling I cannot get a good read on your video but I love that you did this for your Dad he will love it I can’t wait to view this properly when we get home. An awesome achievement for him


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