Coming Home!

June 21, 2015, Home

Sunday, June 21st, is Father’s Day in the US.  What could be a more wonderful way to celebrate the joy of being a father than to be with my wife, family and friends on this special day and having just returned from such a great experience as the Camino.  I hope all fathers find joy and satisfaction in their families on Sunday and every day of the year.  Happy Father’s day to all the dads!

June 21st is also the Longest Day, at least for us in the Northern hemishpere 🙂  (I mention this for Otto, Chris, Jade, and all the other Pilgrims I met from South Africa, and Australia.)  This is the day the Alzheimer’s organization has selected to remember in a special way those affected by Alzhiemer’s.  I hope you remember this deserving cause.

I’m home.  The Camino is over yet it never ends.  I won’t be walking fifteen miles every day but the adventure that started in Saint Jean Pied de Port of May 11, 2015 continues.  The pictures will help me remember the mountains,  the streams,  the fields, the skies, the villages and the chapels.  I hope I always remember the people and their stories even if I forget the details of their faces and maybe forget a name or two.  This has been a life time, life altering experience.  It certainly has helped me have a different view, hopefully a clearer view, of myself, my family, my friends and my God.  I now need to ensure that the experience of the Camino lives within me every day forward.  The spirit of the Camino, the peace of the walk, the people I met shall never be forgotten.

I never walked the Camino alone, even when I was by myself.  I had the support of all those that love me, especially my wife, kids, grandkids, brother, and the rest of my family, friends and fellow Pilgrims.  I could not have had this experience without the love and support I received.  Thank YOU!  Thanks for your prayers. You were constantly in mine.


Buen Camino!


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4 Responses to Coming Home!

  1. Layne says:

    Welcome home, Tom! Thank you for all you have done for the Alzheimer’s Association and for sharing your journey with us! Hope to hear more! I feel honored to know you. You are inspiring!

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  2. lois says:

    So glad you are home safe. Thanks for sharing this experience with all of us. It was very inspiring to read all of your posts and stories. It must have been a truly amazing time for you!

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  3. Jeff Zimmerman says:

    Welcome home, it must have been quite an experience. And thanks again for sharing your journey via the blog. It’s made me even more determined to walk the Camino.
    Since you’re an expert now, I’d like to talk or email with you and pick your brain as I plan for my Camino. My email is . I plan to be in Cinci for most of July, so maybe we could meet up for lunch somewhere. Or if you’re not tired of walking, meet up on a hiking trail somewhere. I’m training 8 to 12 miles a day now in case I can make October work for my Camino.


  4. Diana Bosse says:

    Tom, it was a true honor to meet you today and shake your hand. After seeing the movie, The Way, earlier this year, I’ve been intrigued by those compelled to walk the Camino I took a few moments to scan over your blog this evening and look forward to when I have some more time to really delve into it. Although your first journey has ended, the long difficult road of those living with Alzheimer’s disease has not. All of us at the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association appreciate the fact that you took the time to raise awareness and funds for this disease. May God continue to bless you and always lead you safely home. And if you feel compelled to walk again, I invite you and your family to join us at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Saturday, Oct. 3 at Sawyer Point. It’s free and a little bit shorter of a trek! 🙂


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