Bags are packed!

Tomorrow marks the start of Tom’s Walk 2.0 — My second Pilgrimage across Spain to Santiago de Compostela!  As Peter, Paul and Mary sang “All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go.”  Hopefully, travels to Spain are uneventful.  If all goes well, my first steps along the yellow-arrow and shell marked trail will be taken on Thursday morning.

Yesterday, I was blessed to get the support and prayers of my fellow “Saints” at Bellarmine Chapel.  At the Masses, they announced that I’m walking the Way of St. James, the Pilgrimage across Spain, and that one of the highlights of this Pilgrimage is the Cruz de Ferro or Iron Cross.  It is tradition to carry a stone from home that represents the burdens that constrain us and leave that stone at the foot of the Cross of our Savior.  Parishioners were invited to write their thoughts on a stone and place it at the base of a model of the Cruz de Ferro in the back of Church.  I was given a stone to carrying from Bellarmine representing all the prayers and burdens of our parishioners.  It’s now in my backpack and I will place it at the base of the Iron Cross in a few weeks.

One of the readings on Sunday said “Do not conform yourselves to this age but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and pleasing and perfect.”  I pray that this walk will give me a better glimpse at God’s will.  The words on my stone ask for this blessing.

Thanks for following my pilgrimage and for all the prayers that are being said for my safe journey and return.

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15 Responses to Bags are packed!

  1. Rick Coomes says:

    Best of luck Tom. Travel safe … and no blisters!


  2. Christy Wissemeier says:

    Safe travels Tom! You will be in our thoughts and prayers as you make your journey!


  3. Diann Blizniak says:

    God be with you, Tom.


  4. jean kennevan says:

    Go with God and all our prayer.


  5. Lois Szucs says:

    Tom have a wonderful and safe trip and walk we will be thinking of you and praying for you. Sounds like a great send off from Bellarmine!!

    Sent from my iPad



  6. Tony Dardy says:

    Walk lightly…even with the weight of Bellarmine! Thank God it’s in your backpack and not in your shoe.


  7. Peg Niehaus says:

    Tom, I’m sorry we missed being at the 9:00 for this very special blessing. Thanks for sending me the link to your blog so I can share in your journey. I remember how powerful this was for you last time, and I wish you a similarly gifted and safe journey this time. You will be in my prayers, and thank you for holding in your heart the burdens of all Bellarmine parishioners. May many blessings be yours throughout this trip. Peace and All Good. Peg

    Sent from my iPhone



  8. Barb Dardy says:

    I really admire you, Tom.
    Your faith is strong!!
    Travel well and happily.


  9. Diana D. Bosse says:

    Godspeed, my friend! Walk on and see you on Oct. 7.


  10. Tom., will pray for you every day.


  11. Jeffrey Zimmerman says:

    Godspeed and “Ultreia y Suseia” on your 2nd Camino. I’m envious. I’ve started planning to return next spring. Once the Camino gets in your heart, it doesn’t let go.
    Buen Camino


  12. jeffswayblog says:

    Godspeed and “Ultreia y Suseia” on your second Camino. I’ve started planning my return for next spring. Once the Camino gets in your heart it doesn’t let go.
    Buen Camino


  13. Lisa and Jim says:

    We will be thinking of you, Tom … Godspeed!


  14. jean kennevan says:

    What a singular blessing … to be able to return to a journey, a journey that exposes so many dimensions of love and heightens your abilities to share and to embrace the love the surrounds you … I look forward to your
    journaling … know that I wish you the best with many prayers and much love … Jack


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