The Adventure Begins . . . again!

After several plane rides starting on Tuesday and a long bus trip from Madrid to Burgos, today I found the Camino, marked by those comforting little shells in the pavement always around the biggest church in town.  As I roamed  around the plaza of the Catedral de Santa Maria XIII, I saw several pilgrims.  Pilgrims are so identifiable with their packs and trekking poles.  I didn’t know any of them of course but somehow I felt a kinship with each.  I got my Pilgrim Credential and, as I was getting it stamped with my first seal, sello, I met a couple of pilgrims who had just had a few rest days after walking the nearly 200 miles from St. Jean.  We hope to see each other along the rest of the Camino.


Tomorrow the Camino will again be renewed for me. Starting off fairly easy on a 13 mile walk into the Meseta to Hornillos del Camino.  It will certainly help me get into the peace of the Camino.  Burgos is a city of over 180,000.  Hornillos has a population of 70, not counting the pilgrims!  Weather looks great!  I’m really looking forward to whatever tomorrow brings.

Keep me in your prayers,


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6 Responses to The Adventure Begins . . . again!

  1. David says:

    Buen Camino, Dad! We’re thinking of you back home!


  2. Pat Reaman says:

    Good walking Tom. Prayers for you.


  3. Rick Coomes says:

    Glad you made it without travel delays. Get off to great start tomorrow … and once again, no blisters!


  4. Lynn Hanley says:

    Enjoy your travels Tom. We will be thinking of you. Say hello to my mom and grandma as they walk with you!


  5. Peg Niehaus says:

    Vaya con Dios, Tom.


  6. marychurlburt says:

    Good weather is a good sign. Praying for you Tom.


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