Peace of the Camino


Today’s blog may be a little brief.  Small towns, more like hamlets, are wonderfully peaceful but the technology can be a little lacking.

The first day of my second Camino didn’t disappoint.  After a very quiet departure from the hustle of Burgos, the first few hours were a great time of reflection and just getting into the spirit of the Camino.  I passed many people — I guess I walk like I drive, more likely to pass than be passed — but none seemed to speak English or maybe just were enjoying their own solitude.

After a break for a coffee americano with milk, I came across a very nice couple from Alberta.  He had just retired and was trying to figure out what’s next.  Sound familiar?  We got to share lots of ideas about time and money and approaching a lot of freedom never before experience.  I hope to run into them again.  And they told me that they’ve met two couples from Cincinnati.  I hope I run into them too!

By the way, I know some are praying for good weather.  And today you really came through.  Perfect!  Bright sunshine and a high of around 75 F.  One little misstep on some loose gravel on a downhill but no harm.  The walk continues!

Tonight I’m in a most peaceful village.  A great place to settle into a peaceful mind. The rest of the world really is way to busy.  Leave baggage, mental and physical, behind.  It only slows you down!

Buen Camino,


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  1. May Jesus and His Mother continue to accompany you.


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