Camino listening . . .

So today was a perfect day to walk and just listen.  I know that those of you who know me find that hard to believe but yes, today I mostly just listened.  It was a blessing to be the receipiant of the conversation.  I started out in the fog of the early morning on my 15 mile hike to Castrojeriz, a bigger hamlet of about 500 people and three churches.  By 10:00 or so the sun came out and the long sleeved shirt gave way to short sleeves.  Everyone I met had lots to say and that was just perfect.  I really got to hear the answer from so many to the often asked question “So what brings you to the Camino?”  I really had the sensation that today, this was where I was supposed to be.

I think some of the lessons of the Camino – Let go of unnecessary baggage, the present is named that because it is one, and “Let go. Let God!” as Kathy often says – are vital leasons while on the Camino or just on the pilgrimage of life.  And to top off a pretty cool day, I had dinner with seven other pilgrims and one man paused to lead us all in saying grace!

I’m thinking of all of you who gave me your best wishes and promised me your prayers and doing my best to remember each and every intention I was asked to pray for.  May God bless us all with good health to be the best messengers of his word.


Buen Camino,


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  1. jean kennevan says:

    Missed you this morning. We had a good showing- I think of us sat together at mass and most came to Beth and John’s. Hope the journey continues to be fruitful.


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