A Spiritual Day

So the Meseta is supposed to be the emotional section of the Camino but today, with all that’s going on, I found it to be very spiritual.  I only had a few brief conversations with other pilgrims and that was good because my mind, heart and soul were very busy.

First, I, like so many, continue to pray that those in Texas get all the resources they need to begin the rebuilding process.  And now, with huricane Irma, I know I join you in your prayers for all the people in Florida and the South East States for their safety and minimal property damage.  May God protect them.

Finally, today is the feast of Blessed Fredric Ozanam, founder of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society.  I was thinking especially about my fellow Vincentians, all the great work thy do, and all our neighbors that we’ve seen and will see.  They are the face of Jesus!

With as busy as I was, I did manage to walk too.  The Camino took me along a beautiful irrigation canal.  It made an interesting view in the middle of otherwise uneventful fields.  A perfect time for inspiration.  


I wish you all well.  Thanks for following.  Be safe and take care of each other!

Buen Camino,


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1 Response to A Spiritual Day

  1. Thought about you especially this morning Tom when Father Al blessed the Vincentians.


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