Another day and the Camino delivers again.  I don’t know if you are into reading the Catholic readings for today but this one was from the book of Numbers 21:4b-9, my brother’s favorite!  It seemed to fit today’s walk.  I’m not really whining like the Jews in Egypt though.  The weather was perfect again.  I got in about 12 miles in just 4 hours.  Tomorrow I head to Leon where I will enjoy my first rest day since I started walking on September 7th.

I did manage to leave a little early and get to Mansilla de las Mulas by about noon.  I went to the hotel in stayed in two years ago and saw Javier again.  How nice!  He offered me vino tinto just like two years ago.  Like seeing an old friend.
Today included some quiet time and some time for lively and deep conversations.  It seems as if after seeing the same person a few days in a row, the usual question “So what brings you to the Camino?” gets more to the heart of the answer.  Listening, talking, and even silence can be rather cathartic.  The fields can be so furtile if we just tend to them a little.


The next picture looks as if someone said “We need trees here!” or God was being especially structured that day!

Thanks for all your prayers and support.

Buen Camino,


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