Arrived in Leon!

Friday’s walk was a brisk four hours and twelve miles to get me into Leon before noon.  It was a cool morning and a good time to reflect on the first nine walking days.  I did see my shadow on a building and thought that this was an “allegory of the cave” moment.  Perception is so limiting while enlightenment is so difficult.20170916_110950

It’s clear from the width of the streams and the magnitude of the bridges that the mountains are not too far ahead, the Meseta will be behind me soon.

20170915_083602The Camino has taken me through 32 towns during the 115 miles I’ve walked.  Someone has said, “Tourists pass through places, but pilgrims let places pass through them. Tourists seek comfort; pilgrims seek the cross. Tourists ask questions about sites, pilgrims let sites ask them questions. Tourists ask to walk where Jesus walked, pilgrims ask how Jesus walked.”
I have come across some other Pilgrims who drank from the non-potable fountains and they may read the first line of this quote and cringe!
Leon is a big city, about 130,000 people, and has one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Spain.

20170915_215629There is also the beautiful Basilica de San Isidoro.  The Sanctuary is quite spectacular.  I attended the Pilgrim’s Mass at 7:00 on Friday night and after the Mass, was invited to read the blessing in English while the priest read it in Sapnish.  Really a pretty cool experience.  Another priest took this picture and sent it to me!  You just never know what might happen on the Camino.

Today, Saturday is a rest day.  I’ll be a “tourigrino” and not walk too much.  I hope and pray that everyone is safe and well is enjoying the weekend.  And to my fellow Bellarmine Vincentians, stay safe as you do God’s work.  I’m thinking of you today.

Buen Camino!


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