Back in the Groove!

Yesterday was a very long and difficult day.  Per my Fitbit, I did over fourty six thousand steps.  That’s more than I’ve ever done in one day in my adult life.  All the pilgrims in the main town square were seriously limping, so I wasn’t alone.  There were several alternative, scenic paths and I guess I took them all!

Today was oh so much better!  Just a little over 12 miles to one of my favorite and most inspirational villages, Rabanal del Camino.  The total population is about 50 and about 10% are Benedictine monks.  I can’t wait to get to vespers at 7:00 and then the pilgrim’s blessing after dinner at 9:30.
Definitely out of the planes and back into the mountains.  This morning’s fog was pretty and it really warmed up at about 10:00 when the sun burned away the fog.
It seems that all modes of travel and transport are available if you’re creative!
Tomorrow, I hope to leave early and get to Cruz de Ferro at sunrise.  It’s only about three or four miles from here.  I will be leaving the stone that Father Dan gave me for all the Bellarmine parishoners.  I pray that their intentions are granted along with Kathy’s and mine.
Buen Camino and keep me in your prayers too.  You are in mine,
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3 Responses to Back in the Groove!

  1. marychurlburt says:

    Hi Tom, well I’m impressed at the number of steps you took today! If you want to arrive in the next village at sunrise, then you’re walking tomorrow morning in the dark. You’ve probably already done it, but I’m praying very hard that nothing happens to you before sunrise. Take care and we’ll see you soon,
    Mary and Barry


  2. Daniel VonderBrink says:

    That church looks AMAZING, Dad. Congrats on a long day, yesterday!


  3. Diane Bissonette says:

    Beautiful pictures. Glad things are goiong well.


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