A Camino Highlight

Today was another long day through the roughest turrain I’ve encounted so far.  The path went up and down via lots of ravines of loose rocks.  A little tendinitis was the result but some ibuprofin did the trick.  The weather has been outstanding — early morning temperatures in the 50s and highs in the afternoon about 75.  Sunny all day!
I did reach the highest altitude of the Camino, over 5,000 feet. But the real highlight was getting to Cruz de Ferro.  I didn’t make it by sunrise as I hoped but it was still early morning.
For all of those whose intentions I carried, rest assured that your stone and your intentions were delivered.
“Lord, may this stone, a symbol of my efforts on pilgrimage that I lay at the foot of the Cross of the Savior, one day be the balance in favor of my good deeds when the deeds of our lives are judged.
Let it be so.  Amen.”
Continue to pray for good weather and my safety.  It helps,
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1 Response to A Camino Highlight

  1. Liz Keuffer says:

    Tom, I’ve been following your journey again. It’s great to see our stone at the foot of the cross!


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