Villages of Spain

Today was a delightful, almost leisurely (I said almost!) walk through Spanish villages — a total of six between Ponferrada and Villafranca del Bierzo.  The villages really cater to pilgrims — lots of services like pharmacies, which seem to be the only places to buy tissues, supermarkets (most UDFs or Speedways are bigger) to get a banana, and bars for fresh water or coffee.
Much of the walk today was in the Bierzo region which is kind of famous for their wine.  Several wineries were open for tastings. I didn’t stop but did enjoy walking among the vineyards.
Not much conversation as I walked but did exchange “Hola” and “Buen Camino” with many fellow pilgrims.   Never alone among friends even if we’ve not really met.
The weather was just perfect with sunny sky’s and temperatures in the 60s and 70s.  Way to go if you’ve been praying for good weather for my Camino.  You have connections!
I remembered a quote from the book A Million Steps:  “There is absolutely no guarantee that tomorrow will exist, and it if does, our physical condition may limit our enjoyment. There is no way to be happy yesterday or tomorrow. The only time to be happy is now. The only time to be or feel anything is now.”  Oh so true!
Buen Camino
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2 Responses to Villages of Spain

  1. spanishmorris says:

    I love following your 2nd go at the Camino! Your nieces and nephew (Landrum) are long gone from my Spanish class, but I have forwarded your blog to their high school Spanish teacher for her to use! Buen camino, Tom!


  2. Diane Bissonette says:

    I tried to reply from my desk top and it not work. Let me see if this does. I am happy all is going well on your pilgrimage b

    Sent from my iPad



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