The Wonder of the Camino!

The last two days have been great examples of the wonderful Camino.  The walk from Villafranca del Bierzo to O’Cebriero was long and especially difficult at the end.  The first 13 miles were just a slight uphill grade but then the last 6 miles included a 2,100 climb to the little village.  The views were awesome along the way and I took lots of opportunities to catch my breath and look around.


The village of O’Cebriero only has about fifty residents but it is teaming with activity.  It’s a favorite tourist stop and overnight stay for Pilgrims.
The next day, today, was a bit simpler walk of just about 14 miles.  Mostly down hill which is easy on the breathing but really hard on the legs.  The path was through lots of wooded areas and pastures.  Really a pretty walk.
But, I did get my first blister in over 700 miles of Camino walking!  Not too bad fortunately – nothing that a little bandaging won’t fix.  A short walk tomorrow and then a rest day.
To the positive, the weather has been spectacular as you can see from the pictures.  Temps always start out in the 50s and end in the 70s with bright sunshine and light winds.  Just  perfect for enjoying a walk across Spain.
A group of fellow pilgrims are planning to walk into Santiago together next Friday.  That should be a wonderful time with lots of emotions.  If you are a fellow pilgrim reading this, the plan is to meet at Monte do Gozo at 9:30 AM Friday.  Hope to see many fellow pilgrims!

Bien Camino!

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  1. So nice to meet you Tom. Hope to see you again.


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