Can’t make this up!

I want to thank one of my fellow pilgrims for this title.   You’ll understand in a moment.
The Way the last two days has gotten very crowded.  Sarria is 111km from Santiago and the minimum walk to get a Compostella is 100km so many new pilgrims just started.   But I recently read the gospel about the workers in the vineyard,  some started early in the morning,  some started mid-day, and some only worked a few hours but all got the same pay.  It’s not the distance, it’s the journey in your heart that matters.
Prayers today especially for the Schaffer family.  Joe Shaffer passed away peacefully at home Monday.  Eternal rest, grant unto him O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him.
The path from Sarria was beautiful as was today’s path from Portomarin to Palas de Rei.  And the weather could not have been better.  Thanks to those praying for that.
Now for the reason for the title.  In the last two days, I saw a group of new pilgrims having wine at the first stopping point at 11:00 AM.  I stepped out of the way of a some cows in a town.  I got a credential stamp from a blind man in a little chapel. Saw a family harvesting their potato crop.  In a town with no power, ate the only thing available – spaghetti covered in tomato sauce, hotdogs and fried eggs.  Stepped into a church just in time to get Communion. And sang songs with people from Holland, among other things!



What a Camino!
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  1. Beth Roeseler says:

    What a rip you are having. That was quite an interesting day. Glad the weather is cooperating Prayers continue for a safe journey.


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