Respite on the Camino

I got to walk with more wonderful peregrinos today.  Beautiful people from Kentucky, Colm, a recent transplant from Ireland, and Tessa.
As the weather continues to be near perfect for walking through the wooded trails of today’s Camino, I found myself in wonderful accommodations this evening.  It’s actually about 10 km from the trail.  The owner, a very nice lady, picked me up in Aruza and brought me to her “hotel” of maybe six rooms.  I miss socializing with other pilgrims this evening – there is only one other couple here so far – but a quiet evening is kind of nice!
The owner and I had a few laughs trying to communicate, each of us using Google Translate.  There is a nice grape arbor, dogs, chickens (Maybe one is dinner!) and a rooster crowing.  And good local wine of course.20170928_145039
Lesson for today: Be surprised and delighted by the unexpected.  Life’s an adventure, each moment to be cherished!
Ben Camino everyone,
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2 Responses to Respite on the Camino

  1. Beth Roeseler says:

    Your hotel looked so Italian, and a great place to stay. Sounds like your trip is as insightful and meaningful as it was last time. Loved the grape arbor picture. Keep safe, ///Beth Roeseler {“Attachments”:[{“__type”:”ItemIdAttachment:#Exchange”,”ItemId”:{“ChangeKey”:”CQAAABYAAAAQSce6wfsXS4qvnp1h6SbNAAFaZDeJ”,”Id”:”AQMkADAwATExAGMyOC00OWI3LWQwOGEtMDACLTAwCgBGAAADw9LtowDfXUqV6c2oLEQB2gcAEEnHusH7F0uKr56dYekmzQAAAgEhAAAAEEnHusH7F0uKr56dYekmzQABWiIUwwAAAA==”},”Name”:”Community Updates & Events”,”IsInline”:false,”Size”:102228}]} health


  2. jean kennevan says:

    Awesome visual … reminds me of the Adventure of Another Tom (Sawyer)! prayers & love … Jack


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