Evening update!

My innkeeper, Carmen, is a wonderful person and perfect for tired pilgrims.   Her salad is from her garden and she insisted on the picture of me as St. James.   I insisted on the one with her!




Bien Camino,



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3 Responses to Evening update!

  1. jean kennevan says:

    How charming! It’s true. One never knows the riches a day may bring!


  2. Beth Roeseler says:

    What an adventure you are having. St. James? – That may be a stretch but I know who to call if anyone ever asks me who can play St. James on his feast day. you continue to enjoy your trip and amaze me with your adventures.
    Beth Roeseler


  3. Peg Niehaus says:

    What an experience! Love these photos and the updates. Dinner looks delicious, and your outfit and the gourd got me to google St. James. Bien camino.


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